Waterjet cutting consists of processing materials using a high-speed water jet and abrasive powder using pressures that reach 400 MPa. The dynamic control of the abrasive flow rate, coupled with the optimization of the main cutting parameters guarantee maximum

productivity through careful control of production costs.
The very high cutting precision achievable through waterjet cutting makes it ideal for applications in the shipbuilding, oil & gas, steel, nuclear, etc. sectors.

The OMAX system used by Tredinox makes it possible to manage every project by offering products that are the best possible quality/price ratio. The five quality options - Q1 up to Q5 - of the cutting profile can be dynamically managed.

quality water cut

Edge Quality 1
Q1 is described as a "separation cut". It is a rough cut and the edge has pronounced lines, called striations. While Q1 does not produce a high-quality edge, it will give you very fast cutting speeds and can be used to obtain roughed parts for further processing.

Edge Quality 2
Q2 is a medium-hard cut. Streaks are less pronounced than in a Q1 edge and the cutting speed is a bit slower than Q1.

Edge Quality 3
Q3 is a standard machining cut. The quality is good with the striations on the lower half of the cut. Q3 is a bit slower than Q2 and is the most commonly used edge quality.

Edge Quality 4
Q4 is a high-quality finish. The striations are minimal

Edge Quality 5
Q5 is a high-quality finish. It is very precise and has no traces. Q5 produces the most accurate edge quality.

In abrasive water processing, cutting speed and edge quality are directly connected. In general, the higher the quality, the slower the cutting speed. You can choose Q5 for each cutting job, but it would take much longer. Because the time needed to cut the parts is usually an important factor in the cost of the project, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the job specification and select the appropriate edge quality to give you the edge quality you need at the fastest cutting speed possible.

• Faster cutting speed and maximum precision compared to any competitive abrasive waterjet in the industry;
• You get an almost finished profile by reducing secondary operations;
• It does not create alterations from heat or mechanical stress;
• The "green" cutting system uses only natural garnet abrasives and water in the cutting process;
• No harmful fumes, liquids or oils used or caused by the manufacturing process.

Waterjet macchinario
Waterjet macchinario fase taglio
Waterjet macchinario fase taglio
Waterjet macchinario fase taglio
Waterjet macchinario fase taglio
Waterjet macchinario fase taglio