The ideal partner for all utilisers of cut stainless steel products.

Tredinox employs the best cutting technologies to fabricate of a wide range of sheet metal articles, always tailored to fit the client’s specific needs. We produce semi-finished metal works: welded pipes, calendered rings, heavy bending of sheet metal and custom metalwork. For your convenience, our company can also supply commercial products such as plates, pipes, flanges, etc...


Since its inception, Tredinox has applied an innovative business vision to satisfy the requirements of a rapidly changing market. Our company masters every modern cutting technology - plasma, mechanical, waterjet, and laser - to deliver stainless steel objects destined for a variety of applications.
After years of continuous growth in our manufacturing capacity and abilities, our facilities stock 3.000 tons of stainless steel, up to a maximum thickness of 150 mm.

In 2016, Tredinox acquires a second production site, dedicated to advanced waterjet cutting. High-quality results, quick turn-around and a competent customer in the service of projects for sensitive sectors such as shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, steel industry, the nuclear industry and every sector which requires the use of stainless steel.


We offer cutting technologies suitable for all thicknesses of stainless steel and special steels, providing a quick and tailored service to users of high-quality stainless steel.
The Tredinox technical team carefully identifies and addresses each project to respond to various application needs with the best solution both in terms of results and cost-control and delivery times.
We support the customer during the 2D and 3D design phase, with the import of all the standard DWG-DXF-IGES formats, quickly arriving at the production stage with optimized nesting and cutting programs to obtain high-quality deliveries and products at a competitive price.

The production capacity of our facilities ensures cost-effectiveness both for high production volumes and for small batches and samples.
Cutting technologies used: Plasma cutting sp.200mm, Mechanical cutting sp.600mm, Waterjet cutting sp.200mm, Laser cutting sp.20mm,
Based on the specific needs of the customer, Tredinox realizes different combinations of supply: from semi-finished products cut to plasma, or mechanical cutting, to complete parts of turning, milling, drilling, etc.
We also offer the following in-house metalworking processes: Pickling, Calendering, Welding, Turning, Drilling. Pipe construction.


Tredinox is active in the following sectors:

food and agri-food, pharmaceutical, packaging, textile, chemical and petrochemical industry, engineering, paper, naval, water treatment, nuclear, furniture.


A wide range of available sheet metal sizes and thicknesses, backed by an on-going relationship with steel mills, allows Tredinox to offer its customers rapid delivery of parts, a commitment to high-quality standards, and traceability of materials (certified by steel mills of material origin available on request).
In-stock: stainless steel; stainless steel bars; perforated bars; angular stainless steel bars; flat stainless steel bars; square stainless steel bars; round stainless steel bars; steel sheets; stainless steel sheets; steel pipes; stainless steel pipes; seamless drawn stainless steel tubes.

In addition our normally stocked articles, Tredinox can also source and manufacture special thickness materials thanks to a direct link with various steelworks and specialized distributors.

A304/L (W.1.4301/1.4307) up to sp.150 A310S (W.1.4845) up sp.80
A304H (W. 1.4948) up sp.80 A309/309S (W1.4828/1.4833) up sp.80
A316/L (W. 1.4401/1.4404) up to sp.150 Duplex (W.1.4462) up sp.80
A316Ti (W. 1.4571) up sp.100 A410S (W.1.4000) up sp.70
A321 (W. 1.4541) up to sp.100 A410 (W. 1.4006) up sp. 50
A321/H (W. 1.4878) up sp.100 X3 CrNiMo13-4 (W. 1.4313) up sp.100
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